… Instead of Only Managing the Symptoms.

My Body Cleanse Lymph Release Method utilizes this tool:

The LymphStar Pro Fusion Machine

It works about 8 – 10 times faster than manual lymphatic drainage and can accomplish miraculous results.

Are you are ready to find a real, lasting solution?  Are you are ready  to do what it takes to get better…  comfortably?

Are you afflicted with any of these ailments?

▪    “Something’s wrong, and I’ve had all the tests.  The doctors say I’m fine.   But I know I’m not.”  –  Many clients find these treatments are the first place where it all makes sense and they are getting better.

▪   “These aches started a few days, months, weeks, years ago… but they just aren’t going away.” – We “melt” pain away… often in one session! The shorter time you’ve had the ache or pain, the less time it takes for it to go away, typically.

▪    “I have back pain,  joint pain – hips, shoulders, knees, ankles, wrists.” –  Virtually everyone has decreased pain – even in only one session.  Even rheumatoid arthritis has been eased.

▪    “My digestion is ‘off.’  I feel bloated, burpy, heartburn, clogged.” – Digestion is key to lymphatic health, and many digestive issues can be solved through lymph release.

▪   “I’m doing this ____ detox program, but I feel worse instead of better.” – The lymph system is our detoxifier system.   We work with the lymph to detoxify more comfortably.

▪    “I have asthma / sinuses clogged / snoring / trouble breathing.” – We ‘melt’ the mucous.

▪    “I have lyme disease, arthritis, or other auto-immune disease.” –
The lymph system is the main place of our immune system.  By releasing lymph, we support a healthy immune system.

▪    “’Brain fog’ – I just can’t think as clearly as I used to.” – Whether they came for this or not, many clients say this is an added benefit… they can think more clearly.

▪    “I know it’s time to do a detoxification of my whole body.” – Why go through the Detox Flu, when you can detox comfortably?

▪    “I just haven’t been the same since I had surgery for ____.” – Both pre- and post-surgery assistance.

▪   “I’m in a ‘dance’ with cancer.  I’ve never been this frightened.” – I met this machine during my own cancer dance.  I have assisted many clients through their many selected protocols, as they have found more health… some are even cancer free…. now.

▪   “I have lymphedema in my arm(s), leg(s).” –  The wands help break up the ‘logjams’ in your system, allowing new / restored flows to emerge.

▪   “I have these weird mouth sores, flu like symptomsrashes, allergies.” – Your lymph system is on ‘overload’.  Let’s clear it up!

▪    “I have acid reflux or heartburn.” – Popping your hiatal hernia back down can even be fun.  Some people say it has changed their life dramatically.

▪    “It’s just a symptom of aging.  There’s nothing to be done about it.” – You might be surprised to discover how many signs of aging are just the slow build-up of lymphatic congestion that can be reversed!

“Could it really be that MY scary, painful, expensive symptoms can be relieved by Margo’s Body Cleanse Lymph Release Method?”         

YES!  It can be ‘as easy as lymph!’

Results you can see and feel in even one session.

Results are cumulative.

You, too can become a client who no longer needs to see me… their problems are solved to their satisfaction.  See the testimonials for more, or contact Margo for an appointment.