About Margo


Hearing those words in 2003 changed my life… now I can see it was for the better!  But at first, I could viscerally sense it like a tiger that was about to chew off my face… I could practically feel the teeth just starting to touch my skin on my right cheek and eye… I could practically smell the humid breath of that open mouth biting down.  I was utterly terrified.  My mantra became, even through clenched teeth and tears, “I know this is perfect, even if I can’t see how quite yet.” And that turned out to be true.  I’m cancer-free for ten years and counting… and never had to have radiation or chemotherapy.

I met the lymphatic decongestive machine that I use now during that time… during my own cancer dance.  I went for treatments every week.  I could feel the lymph flowing through my body, particularly right by the cancer site in my neck.  I felt cleaner and cleaner, with more and more energy.  Yet the doctors were saying, “It’s a virtual certainty this patient has Papillary Carcinoma.” So I decided on surgery.

I made an agreement with the surgeon, that if he didn’t find cancer in the first biopsy while I was under anesthesia, they’d leave the other side of my thyroid.  I’d risk having another surgery rather than taking it all out.

I awoke to learn he couldn’t find cancer in the first biopsy.  The next week was a long one… until they announced they couldn’t even find it in the second biopsy.  They sent the sample across the country for the 3rd and 4th biopsies… where only “clinically insignificant” amounts were found… microscopic amounts.  80% of cadavers studied who died of other causes, had that much thyroid cancer and never knew it.

So I never had to have radiation or chemo-therapy.  The little cancer that had been there was out!


In the 20 years since then I have completed four certification trainings – and was even invited at an international training to share my expertise with the rest of the professionals on what I know about assisting heavy metals out of the body – often a tricky process.   I was also honored by my esteemed trainer and mentor, Dr. Cory Carter, when he announced publicly, “Margo is no longer my Student.  She is my Colleague.”


Now I love to share all I have learned, both personally and professionally, with you.  We have found the high correlation between emotional release and lymphatic release.

I offer short free trial treatments in my office to anyone who wants to try it out.  Most people see, feel or sense something – even in a short amount of time.  Contact me to schedule your Free Trial Session.