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  • Sciatica and hand pain relief in 15 minutes! Video

  • Neck Pain Relief in 20 minutes!
  • “Margo’s work is life-changing in that it can relieve the source of unexplained and chronic illness using non-invasive, deep, gentle touch. Her experience, knowledge, and intuition are the perfect tools to create a bond of trust and intimacy, allowing layers of dis-ease to be be uncovered and released. Her positive outlook is a further benefit of treatment, encouraging the client to persevere through the challenges we encounter on our way back to health.”  Nodiah Brent, Santa Fe
  • “Not only have I found easing of my uncomfortable symptoms through working with Margo, I am learning more and ore about surprising additional health benefits.  I wish I had started lymph treatment earlier in life.  I am glad 360 Medicine recommended her lymphatic work to me.”  Mary Costello, Santa Fe
  • “I feel more alive than dead… and I didn’t know how dead I felt.  I LOVE being amazed!”  Paula L., Santa Fe

This one  from S.A. Santa Fe, February 2016 is long and very inspiring to me… more are below.

  • “12 years of symptoms and pain are gone.”        (Her whole adult life.)            Since the age of 18 I’ve dealt with a variety of medical issues, ranging from annoying to very serious. These have included:
      • Chronic low back pain and fatigue, with pain on a scale of 5-7 regularly, and as high as 9-10
      • Painful intercourse
      • Upper abdominal pain (hurting to the touch)
      • Sciatica that made it impossible to walk more than a few feet at a time
      • Brain fog and odd dizziness that prevented focus and ability to get things done
      • Occasional migraines
      • Heartburn so painful it caused dizziness
      • Lower abdominal tenderness that that became so severe it required an ER visit, where they did a CAT scan and diagnosed viral enteritis
      • Bladder and rectum prolapse, which was corrected with surgery. Recovery was complicated by painful pelvic floor muscle spasms that held the entire pelvic floor rigid.
      • Spasms in the upper abdomen that feel like something is hooked or herniated

For the past decade I’ve been actively trying to get better, only to see that list grow longer. Over the course of several years, I tried a chiropractor, massage, electrical stimulation, and traditional physical therapy. None of those avenues brought lasting relief, and I continued to feel worse.

I began working with a physical therapist who specialized in the Feldenkrais method which helped a bit, but still the list grew, and my issues were becoming more serious and were preventing me from fully functioning. With two young children and a full-time job, this was not sustainable.

When I encountered complications after my prolapse surgery, I was referred to a physical therapist who used visceral and neural manipulation, and finally I started to see progress. That therapist focused on identifying what was causing the list of maladies, rather than treating the list itself. But while I was seeing progress, my body was still slipping back into its painful patterns. After six months of therapy, the therapist questioned if there was something else going on with my system to keep the therapy from “sticking”. She thought it could be lymphatic congestion, and suggested trying lymphatic decongestive therapy.

And so I started doing lymphatic drainage treatments with Margo. It turned everything around. Immediately, I started to feel openness in all my joints, especially my hips and pelvis. They would pop and crack, and I would feel warm rushes along my legs. I also felt space open where I hadn’t known it was tight, like my sinuses, throat and jaw. The fogginess and fatigue went away, and I felt like myself. The lower back pain, tender abdomen and heartburn, all of it went away. And, intercourse was no longer painful!

I started doing those treatments almost two years ago. I saw Margo frequently during the first 6 weeks, but now only visit her every six months or so, when I start to feel the tightness and inflammation creeping back. [emphasis added]

I haven’t had one physical therapy or chiropractor appointment since my first lymph treatment. I had been going weekly, or twice a week at times, for 7 years prior.

S.A., Santa Fe

  • “Margo has given me a number of treatments over the past decade. They were spaced far enough apart that, with each one, I’ve been able to sense and appreciate her growth in prowess, confidence, professionalism, expertise, respectful sensitivity, and educational acuity. She creates an atmosphere of non-judgmental compassion and cooperative collaboration with her clients; of safety and attentive presence. She has evolved into a most remarkable practitioner as she transmits the sparkles from her own hands and being (her innate gifts) together with those of the fine high-tech tools that she uses to help the body clear its lymphatic system. I feel blessed to have her work with me, every single time, and enjoy lasting benefits from each session.”  Lara Hill, Albuquerque, NM
  • “At 90 years, it’s never too late to start!   We’re turning my 90 years into 60!”  JTH, Santa Fe, 90 years old.
  • I just ran on my rebounder for several minutes. I had no pain. I could feel my legs. I couldn’t even run when I was a little kid. Thank you”  Jennifer Levin, Santa Fe
  • “My Physical Therapist says ‘when nothing else works, Margo’s therapy WORKS!’ She’s RIGHT!”  N.C., Santa Fe
  • Several clients have mentioned that they have experienced the work of other practitioners like me in other cities and states, and that my treatments seem to be more effective than others’.  I would like to think that the approach that I have developed over the years utilizes what I have learned through deep listening to optimize results for my clients.
  • “Margo, you radiate integrity… and I don’t say that lightly.”  Tory Hughes, Santa Fe
  • “Margo’s work is extraordinary! I feel so much more present and alive in my body since I have been coming to her for lymph treatments.I feel more relaxed and at ease in my belly and feel lighter and more flexible and grounded.  I highly recommend you experience her expert touch and knowledge and loving kindness.”  Cathy Stark
  • “Margo, if I live through this, it will be because I met you.”  Anonymous, Santa Fe
  • My work has been endorsed by Mary Bemis, Editor in Chief, Organic Spa Magazine.
  • “I began having swelling of both legs within a few weeks of the last of 4 back surgeries in an 18-month period about 2 years ago. By November of 2013 both of my legs swelled to the point of “oozing” lymphatic fluid and fairly quickly went into cellulitis, open wounds, skin changes to an orange peel consistency (Type IV – ordinarily not reversible) scabbing and was extremely painful 24/7. Was treated at Mayo Clinic in MN (wound care, compression wraps, bandage changes, etc.) for several days while there, then advised to lose weight 3 or 4 pounds /month; exercise as could; NO salt diet; nightly use of c-pap and to continue protocol indefinitely – maybe forever.  Diagnosis was lymphedema-bilateral/legs and torso-etiology unknown. My wife and friends assisted in helping me with treatment after coming back home and was helped by physical therapists in Santa Fe and Jonesboro AR with specialty in treating lymphedema, using wrappings and decongestive massage.  Wounds cleared with aggressive treatment (frequent acetic acid soaks, gauze, etc. with antibiotics to treat the cellulitis over several months) and continued compression dressings (24/7) until about April or May of this year (2014) at which point I began using compression garments ( therapeutic 30-40 mg/?) for about 16 hours/day. Lymphoscintigram done at that time showed NO movement of lymphatic system-radioisotopes remained between my toes throughout the 2 ½ hour test. Normatec pneumatic boots were added to my protocol then, using them frequently and at least an hour in the morning and before bedtime to further keep swelling down. Lymphatic material continued to be built up and would move from my legs to my pelvis and around my torso in a lopsided pattern, but not leaving my body to any extent. I moved this stuff around for months.      My legs remained painful and while there had been some improvement in my skin on both legs, skin remained rigid and orange peel like between my ankles and mid calf. I had followed instructions as to all aspects of recommended care, including diet, exercise, etc. On the recommendation of some folk in Santa Fe, my wife found Margo Covington who utilized the Lymphstar Pro device with specific attendant lymphatic decongestion therapy. Was impressed that others with similar conditions had been helped and decided to experience this process. I had 5 treatments on consecutive days in late June / early July 2014. The treatments were soothing and painless – even nurturing, and each day I felt my lymphatic clumps soften and eventually liquefy, for the first time in months. Utilizing a colon cleanser to expedite drainage, I experienced my lymphatic system began working again, with loss of mass over a period of a month or more and much improvement in my legs, both as relates to pain, skin changes, etc. They both actually look fairly normal now, except for some redness and minor skin changes. I continue to utilize the pneumatic pump/boots twice a day and wear support stockings during the day and continue my diet, exercise, etc. as before. At this point, I remain much improved and very grateful for the healing I have experienced. Margo’s treatment was the absolute right treatment at the right time for me. Treatment of lymphedema is a multi-faceted process, not a single deal. I will certainly utilize Margo’s therapy in the future if the lymphedema becomes further problematic/regresses. Thanks, Margo.  Namaste’- David Laser”  August 3, 2014 (emphasis added)
  • “I did a number of treatments during my 3-month sojourn in the U.S.  I do believe that your healing was the most effective.  My feet are doing great these days and I really feel the possibility that I will run again, perhaps on my injury’s anniversary this October.  Thank you for your energy.”  Colleen, Greece
  • “I feel like I just woke up from a two-year nap!”  Jean Crawford, after one 90-minute session.
  • “I began seeing Margo Covington for assistance with heavy metal detox.  She is an extremely knowledgeable and skillful practitioner, and a passionate teacher about the lymph system and effective approaches for regaining health.  The healing that took place with Margo’s support went far beyond the physical.  She tends to emotional well-being and energy balance while also addressing physical concerns.  I felt empowered in my healing, gained many new awareness, and felt a deep sense of caring and support from Margo in our work together.”  Dr. JoAnne Dodgson,  www.pathwaysforhealing.net
  • “Margo has a vision for making a difference to so many people.  I am impressed by her focus and commitment to help others grow to be the best they can be.  She is a joy to around and inspiration to so many.”  Sandra Burnett, President, The hCard
  • ” Overall my experience of Lymphatic release is one of more lightness and fluidity in my body. I feel like a weight, literally has been lifted from my body. I have more energy and less aches and pains in my body.  Emotionally this work has freed up old stored up feelings that are in a much more balanced state. I can access and then express my feelings much easier and my intuition is much stronger and I trust my gut feelings .  A lot of the thickness I felt around my midsection and breasts as dramatically decreased . I don’t feel as bloated and my elimination process is much better.”  Cathy Stark, Santa Fe
  • “You changed my life!”  C.M., Colorado
  • “Dear Margo,  I’m writing to thank you for changing my life over the past three months.  In December 2010 I experienced the first of what was to be several debilitating episodes resulting from radiation treatment I had undergone in 2008.  The symptoms included a sudden drop in blood sugar, fever, body aches, fatigue, swollen abdomen and pelvis, and then a hot, bright red rash which moved from one area to another, but always around the areas where radiation was administered.  These episodes occurred about every two months, came on suddenly, and lasted for roughly a week.  I missed work, cancelled appointments, and even had to suddenly cancel an expensive trip to North Carolina. The first time it happened I went to an urgent care facility, thinking it may have been a cellulitis.  The practitioner there diagnosed it as shingles and sent me along with a prescription for acyclovir.  I didn’t agree with her and never took the med.  The second doctor I spoke with was the radiation oncologist who assured me the outbreaks could have nothing to do with the radiation treatments.  The third doctor I consulted believed it was some form of viral outbreak.  I always thought it was directly associated with the radiation treatments, that “toxins” had nowhere to go but out through the skin. We met in October 2012, Margo, and after a brief description of my experience, I was introduced to your art of lymph clearing.  During the treatments and for a few days afterward I can literally feel things moving, like pipes are opened and flowing from my head to my feet.   Even after only two treatments I am now nearly four months symptom free. I have since learned more about the vital nature of a healthy lymphatic system.  Combined with your compassionate care and knowledgeable delivery you provide an invaluable resource.  I no longer live wondering when my work or plans will be interrupted.  I know I have found the answer in you and your work. The lymphatic system is integral to maintain a healthy immune system and vascular system, among other things.  I highly recommend your work to anyone. Thanks and Blessings.”  Mary Sjoberg, Pharmacist
  • OTHER CLIENTS HAVE RECENTLY SAID (during treatments):
  • “This work has saved my life.”
  • I have had these symptoms for 30 years.  In only a few treatments I don’t have (nauseau, pain) like I have had for 30 years.
  • “I feel emotionally lighter than when I came in!”
  • “My neuropathy in my left foot and leg went away right after you started using the new blue heads.” (Cygnus machine from ArcturusStar)
  • Can it really be?  I see colors more clearly.  My focus is better.
  • My symptoms are leaving.
  • There is light at the end of the tunnel!!!
  • I have more energy now.
  • I can see that I can “escape” from this seemingly eternal drudgery.
  • I am happier now.  My body has so much more energy that I can feel enough energy to feel happy!
  • “This work averted foot amputation…. the next option the doctors were offering me.”
  • “Excellent work. I highly recommend this process.”
  • Margo says:  “I had heavy metal poisoning for three months this last summer.   I got out of heavy metal poisoning in three months, not three years or three decades, like so many of my clients!  I now know personally and exponentially more than I did a year ago.  I can help YOU with strange symptoms that may well be caused by outside influences giving you – even hidden – heavy metal poisoning.”
  • “Dear Margo,  I have arrived in Colorado and on the way up I had a lot of time to reflect on the past year and want to let you know what a wonderful support you have been to me this past year.  I can certainly feel my body changing and I know that a lot of that is due to my work with you!  I so appreciate your healing presence in my life.  I also have been using the tapping during this more challenging time.  Bravo, bravo!!!!!  May your holy day time be warm and rejuvenating!!!!!  Warm wishes and blessings to you.”  Phoenix Simms
  • “Margo, you’re the BEST!  You have the most wonderful loving touch.  – And I can see my way out of the prognosis for foot amputation that the doctors were saying would be next for me.”  T.N., Santa Fe
  • “I was having an asthma attack when we started.  In 30 minutes my symptoms were gone.”
  • “The pain went away in one treatment… and hasn’t come back.”
  • “Mercury poisoning from my fillings was giving me terrible symptoms- fuzzy brain, ankle and knee pain and more – so I had the mercury out. Your treatments are helping my body get the mercury all the way out of my body, and my symptoms are easing”.
  • I have lost 4” in my pants waist size! Your treatments are the only thing I’ve done differently.  I love it!”
  • “Chemotherapy has given me so many tough side effects. Your treatments each week have greatly reduced many symptoms, including the acid reflux at night so I sleep better. And thanks for offering me a free treatment every time I send someone who purchases a series from you. That has really helped my finances.”